Guidelines For Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples

Breastfeeding with flat nipples can be successful with the proper techniques and support. Using a breast pump or manual stimulation before nursing can help draw out the nipple. Positioning your baby correctly with a wide latch and seeking guidance from a lactation consultant can make the breastfeeding experience more comfortable and practical. Remember, with patience and the right approach, Breastfeeding is possible, even with flat nipples.

How to Make flat Nipples Stick out for Breastfeeding

How to Make flat Nipples Stick out for Breastfeeding

To make flat nipples protrude for Breastfeeding, you can try these techniques:

1. Nipple Stimulation

Gently massage or roll your nipples between your fingers to stimulate blood flow. This can help the nipples become more erect.

2. Warm Compress

Apply a warm, damp washcloth to your nipples for a few minutes before nursing. The warmth can help relax the nipple tissue and encourage it to protrude.

3. Breast Pump

Use a breast pump for a few minutes before Breastfeeding. The gentle suction can draw out the nipple, making it easier for your baby to latch.

4. Nipple Shields

Consider using nipple shields designed to draw out flat or inverted nipples during Breastfeeding. Please consult with a lactation consultant for guidance on their appropriate use.

5. Latch Techniques

Work with a lactation consultant to ensure your baby is latching correctly. A proper latch can help draw out the nipple during Breastfeeding.

6. Express a Little Milk

Hand express a small amount of breast milk before latching your baby. The presence of milk can encourage your baby to latch onto the nipple.

7. Breastfeeding Positions

Experiment with various breastfeeding positions to find the one that works best for you and your baby.

Flat Nipples Example

Flat nipples are a common variation in nipple shape. Sometimes, they lie flush with the areola and don’t protrude noticeably. It’s important to note that flat nipples are typically not a barrier to successful Breastfeeding, and various techniques and support can help mothers breastfeed effectively.

Can you Breastfeed with Flat Nipples

Yes, you can breastfeed with flat nipples. While flat nipples might present some initial challenges, many mothers successfully breastfeed by using techniques to draw out the nipple and ensure a proper latch. Working with a lactation consultant can be particularly helpful in finding the right approach for your specific situation.

Breast Shells for Flat Nipples

Breast shells, also known as nipple shells, can be a helpful tool for addressing flat or inverted nipples during Breastfeeding.

These devices are typically worn inside your bra and have a two-fold purpose:

  1. Nipple Eversion: Breast shells have a rounded, slightly raised area that applies gentle pressure on the nipple, helping it to protrude or evert. This can make latching easier for your baby.
  2. Milk Collection: Some breast shells have a reservoir to collect any milk that might leak from the non-nursing breast while feeding. This milk can be saved for later use.

How to Prepare Nipples for Breastfeeding

How to Prepare Nipples for Breastfeeding

Preparing your nipples for Breastfeeding involves a few simple steps to ensure they are healthy and ready for your baby’s latch:

  • Keep Them Clean: Wash your nipples with plain water and avoid using soap or harsh cleansers, as they can dry. A gentle, warm water rinse is usually sufficient.
  • Air-Dry: Allow your nipples to air-dry after washing. Avoid rubbing them with towels, which can be rough on sensitive skin.
  • Nipple Cream: Apply a lanolin-based or nipple-specific cream to keep your nipples moisturized and prevent dryness or cracking. These creams are safe for your baby.
  • Avoid Harsh Soaps: Avoid using harsh soaps, hard-based products, or scented lotions on your breasts and nipples, as these can irritate the skin.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Get some exposure to sunlight on your nipples for a few minutes each day. This can help prevent and heal nipple soreness or cracks.
  • Practice Latch: As part of your prenatal preparation, familiarize yourself with proper latch techniques. Seek guidance from a lactation consultant or attend breastfeeding classes.
  • Engage in Skin-to-Skin Contact: Spend time with your baby doing skin-to-skin contact. This helps both you and your baby become comfortable and promotes breastfeeding success.
  • Massage and Nipple Stimulation: Gently massage your nipples and areola to stimulate milk flow and toughen the skin. However, be cautious not to overstimulate, as it can lead to soreness.
  • Seek Help: If you have concerns about nipple shape, flat or inverted nipples, or other potential challenges, consult a lactation consultant or healthcare provider during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Breastfeeding with Flat Nipples Mumsnet

Mumsnet is a popular online forum and community where parents and caregivers often share their experiences and seek advice on various topics, including Breastfeeding with flat nipples. You can find discussions, tips, and personal stories from mothers who have faced similar challenges and have successfully breastfed with flat or inverted nipples. Remember that the information shared on Mumsnet is user-generated, so it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional or lactation consultant for personalized guidance and support when breastfeeding with flat nipples.


Are nipple shields helpful for flat nipples during Breastfeeding?

Nipple shields can be useful, but it’s best to consult a lactation consultant before using them.

How can I encourage my baby to latch onto flat nipples?

Nipple stimulation, a proper latch technique, and different breastfeeding positions can help your baby latch more effectively.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties while breastfeeding with flat nipples?

Seek guidance from a lactation consultant or healthcare provider for personalized support and solutions.

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