Heating Pads for Cramps, Period Cramp Massager Portable Cordless

The Portable and Cordless Heating Pad is a versatile solution for pain relief. It features 6 adjustable heat levels and 6 massage modes, making it ideal for addressing both period cramps and back pain. Designed with convenience, it is in a soothing pink color and offers menstrual comfort. Its cordless Design allows for on-the-go use and is rechargeable for extended relief without the hassle of cords. With user-friendly controls and safety features, it’s a must-have for easing discomfort during your menstrual cycle.

Features of the Heating Pad for Cramps:

NameCordless Heating Pad for Cramps
Heat Levels6 adjustable heat levels for personalized comfort
Massage Modes6 massage modes to alleviate period cramps
Portable DesignCordless and portable for on-the-go pain relief
Back Pain ReliefProvides relief for back pain during menstruation
Menstrual Heating PadSpecifically designed to ease menstrual discomfort
User-Friendly ControlsEasy-to-use controls for heat and massage settings
Comfortable and SoothingOffers soothing warmth and massage for cramp relief
RechargeableRechargeable for extended use without cord constraints
Safety FeaturesBuilt-in safety features to prevent overheating
Versatile UseSuitable for various pain relief needs
Compact and LightweightCompact and easy to carry around

About this Item:

  • Advanced Heating Technology: Experience rapid heating with the latest graphene heating chip technology, warming up in just 3 seconds. The portable Design includes an adjustable elastic belt with a convenient connecting buckle, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this cordless heating pad anytime, anywhere.
  • Versatile Heat and Massage Options: Customize your comfort with 6 heat levels and 6 massage modes available on this Period Pad for Cramps. You can activate heating and massage simultaneously, with temperature options ranging from 104℉ to 149℉.
  • Auto-Off Timer: The Period Cramp Massager has a built-in 30-minute timer for added safety. Rest easy knowing it will automatically switch off after 30 minutes of use, eliminating concerns about overheating during bedtime. You can easily reactivate it if needed.
  • Spacious Heating Area: Enjoy a large heating area measuring 7.863.541.18 inches, covered in high-quality soft fabric that provides comfort and warmth when in contact with your skin.
  • Convenient Rechargeable Design: With Type-C charging, this Menstrual Pad offers added convenience. The cordless electric heating pad is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing 2-5 hours of use on a full charge. Whether at work, relaxing, cooking, indoors, or outdoors, this Pad has you covered.


How does the Cordless Heating Pad work for pain relief for menstrual cramps and back pain?

The Cordless Pad for heating uses adjustable heat levels and massage modes to provide soothing warmth and pain relief. It’s designed to ease both menstrual discomfort and back pain effectively.

Is this Heating Pad suitable for on-the-go use?

The Portable Cordless Pad for heating is designed for portability, making it perfect for on-the-go pain relief. It’s cordless and rechargeable, offering convenience wherever you are.

Can I customize the heat and massage settings to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! This Pad for heating features 6 heat levels and 6 massage modes that can be adjusted to meet your specific comfort needs during periods or when experiencing back pain.

Is it safe to use the Heating Pad for an extended period?

Yes, the Pad for heating comes with built-in safety features to prevent overheating, ensuring safe and comfortable use during extended sessions.

What’s included with the Heating Pad for Cramps?

In addition to the Cordless Heating Pad, it typically includes a rechargeable battery and a charging cable for your convenience. Be sure to check the product details for any additional accessories or features.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care is deeply committed to offering dependable solutions like the Heat Pads for Cramps and the Cordless Period Cramp Massager. Our dedication to your well-being and comfort remains steadfast as we assist you through this vital phase of life.

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