TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit with Hot & Cold Therapy Burp Cloths

It introduces the TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit, a comprehensive solution for soothing your baby’s discomfort. This kit includes specially designed burp cloths that offer hot and cold therapy to relieve colicky episodes or feverish moments. With TheraBurpee, comfort and care are seamlessly woven into every swaddle.

Features of TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit

Rescue KitAll-in-one solution for colic and fever relief
Hot & Cold TherapyIncludes burp cloths with both hot and cold therapy
Versatile UseSuitable for addressing colic discomfort and reducing fever symptoms
Burp ClothsHigh-quality cloths designed for comfort and effectiveness
Dual Therapy OptionsHot therapy to soothe, cold therapy for inflammation
ConvenientEasy-to-use application for quick relief
Targeted ReliefAddresses colic symptoms and aids in fever management
ReusableBurp cloths designed for multiple uses
PortableCompact kit for on-the-go relief
ComfortableSoft and gentle materials for baby’s comfort
Pediatrician ApprovedDeveloped in collaboration with healthcare professionals

About this Item:

  • Essential for new parents: A versatile treatment kit with hot and cold therapy, using specially designed burp cloths to address various baby issues, especially colic and fever.
  • 100% cotton burp cloths: Built-in pockets for gel packs, enabling targeted treatment for specific ailments.
  • Leverages natural remedies: Provides heat for colic and upset tummy, cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain.
  • Comprehensive 4-piece set: Includes 2 soft contoured burp cloths and 2 hot/cold gel packs.
  • Premium fabric-covered gel packs: Microwaveable and flexible when frozen for safe and effective use.
  •  Safe for newborns: Suitable for babies from birth onward.
  • Ideal for nursing moms: Helps alleviate breastfeeding issues like blocked milk ducts or engorgement, benefiting both mom and baby simultaneously.
  • Versatile use: Effective for minor bumps and bruises beyond the burping stage.

Why It’s Needed?

The TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit is essential for parents seeking a comprehensive solution to address colic discomfort and manage infant fever symptoms. Dual hot and cold therapy options provide targeted relief and comfort, offering a practical and pediatrician-approved aid for infant care.

How to Use TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit?

  1. Choose Therapy: Decide between hot or cold therapy for colic or fever relief.
  2. Apply with Cloths: Use TheraBurpee burp cloths to apply therapy easily and comfortably.
  3. Refer Guidelines: Follow pediatrician guidelines for safe and effective application.


How do I use the hot therapy feature of the TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit? 

Heat the TheraBurpee burp cloths in the microwave for the recommended duration to use hot therapy. Apply the warm cloths gently to the affected area, providing soothing relief for colic discomfort.

Can I use the cold therapy feature to reduce fever symptoms in infants? 

Yes, the TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit includes burp cloths for cold therapy. Simply place the clothes in the refrigerator, then apply them to the forehead or body to help manage fever symptoms effectively.

Are the burp cloths in the kit reusable, and how should I clean them? 

Yes, the burp cloths are reusable. Machine wash them with a gentle detergent for easy cleaning. Follow the care instructions provided to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

Is the TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit safe for newborns, and have pediatricians approved it? 

Yes, the kit is safe for newborns. TheraBurpee has collaborated with pediatricians to ensure the product’s safety and efficacy, providing a trusted solution for colic and fever relief in infants.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care remains dedicated to delivering reliable products, such as the TheraBurpee Colic Fever Rescue Kit, primarily focusing on your well-being and comfort during this essential phase of life.

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