Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care The Original Fridababy MomWasher for Perineal Recovery and Cleansing After Birth

The Original Baby MomWasher is an essential tool for postpartum care, designed to aid in perineal recovery and cleansing after childbirth. Its unique upside-down design provides thorough and gentle cleaning, offering comfort and relief to new mothers postpartum. This innovative peri bottle is valuable to post-birth care routines, promoting hygiene and comfort.

Features of Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care

Brand NameFrida Baby
Ergonomic DesignUpside-down design with a narrow angled neck for precise relief
Portable BidetHolds 10oz and includes a waterproof storage bag for on-the-go use
C-Section FriendlyIdeal for gentle cleansing during limited mobility recovery
Hospital Bag EssentialRecommended for first post-birth bathroom trips and everyday use
Witch Hazel OptionUsers can add 1-2 drops of witch hazel for additional relief
Color OptionsAvailable in various colors (blue or pink)
Fragrance-FreeUnscented for sensitive postpartum care

About this Item:

  • Revolutionary Upside-Down Design: Crafted for ergonomic ease, this peri bottle can be comfortably held upside down. Its narrow-angled neck ensures a continuous stream of soothing relief in just the right spot.
  • On-the-Go Perineal Care: This portable bidet holds 10oz of cleansing comfort and includes a waterproof storage bag for convenience during your postpartum journey. For added relief, consider incorporating 1-2 drops of witch hazel.
  • Ideal for C-Section Recovery: The Upside Down Peri Bottle makes postpartum care effortless, especially during limited mobility recovery. It provides gentle cleaning without exerting pressure on soreness or incision sites.
  • Hospital Bag Essential: Don’t forget to pack this in your hospital bag. It’s a must for your first post-birth bathroom trips and remains a handy tool for everyday use, including menstruation and addressing discomfort from hemorrhoids.
  • Frida Mom Quality: Brought to you by Fridababy, the trusted creators of popular products like NoseFrida, Fridet the MomWasher, and leading baby care kits. Please note that the color may vary, but you can go with a blue or pink Upside Down Peri Bottle.

Why It’s Needed?

The Upside Down Peri Bottle is essential for gentle postpartum perineal cleansing, offering comfort and hygiene after childbirth, especially for C-section recovery and on-the-go use.

How to Use Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care?

  • Fill with warm water.
  • Invert the bottle and point the angled neck toward the perineal area.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle to release a cleansing stream.
  • Use during and after bathroom trips for comfort and cleanliness.
  • Pat dry with a soft cloth after use.


How does the upside-down design of this peri bottle improve postpartum care? 

The upside-down design and the narrow angled neck allow for a comfortable and precise stream of water, enhancing perineal cleansing and providing relief.

Is this peri bottle suitable for C-section recovery? 

Yes, it’s designed to be gentle on sensitive areas, making it a convenient choice for cleansing during C-section recovery without putting pressure on incisions.

Can I use this peri bottle on the go? 

It’s portable and comes with a waterproof storage bag, making it practical for use in the hospital and during everyday activities.

Is there an option to add witch hazel for extra relief? 

Users can add 1-2 drops of witch hazel to the peri bottle for additional soothing relief.

What are the available color options for this peri bottle? 

The Upside Down Peri Bottle is available in various colors, such as blue or pink, offering a choice to users.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care’s unwavering dedication lies in offering reliable solutions, such as the Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care, primarily focusing on ensuring your well-being and convenience during this pivotal phase of life.

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