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BellyBuds Baby Bump Headphones are designed for expecting mothers, allowing them to safely play music, sounds, and voices to their developing baby in the womb. These prenatal belly speakers offer a unique bonding experience and provide a soothing auditory environment for the growing baby, promoting early sensory development during pregnancy.

Features of Baby Bump Headphones

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ColorWhite, Green
Form FactorOn Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired

About this Item:

Experience the Ultimate Pregnancy Companion: BellyBuds, the top choice for pregnant moms! (Discover the NEW Bluetooth BellyBuds for added convenience – compatible with the Wavhello BellyBuds Bluetooth Receiver).

User-Friendly: Effortlessly position the Featherlite speakers anywhere on your baby bump. Our included audio splitter lets you share this precious experience with your little one simultaneously.

Create Lasting Memories: Your baby can hear at around 20 weeks, and memories begin at 30. With BellyBuds baby-bump speakers, safely play music and cherished messages from your iOS, Android, or any standard audio device directly to the womb. Every purchase includes exclusive FREE CONTENT accessible via our acclaimed VOICESHARE mobile app!

Perfect Pregnancy Essential & Third Trimester Gift: Celebrate the impending arrival with a thoughtful gift to the mom-to-be. Allow loved ones, no matter the distance, to send heartfelt messages to the newest addition to the family. Inside our compatible VOICESHARE mobile app, friends and family can RECORD MESSAGES, LULLABIES and even share delightful BOOKS for the baby-to-be.

Compact and Discreet: BellyBuds are incredibly compact, featuring FEATHERLITE technology for portability and discretion. Whether at the office, on a walk, working out, or simply relaxing at home, our SafeBond hydrogel adhesives enable effortless ATTACHMENT and REATTACHMENT directly to your belly. At the same time, the MODULAR SPEAKERS adjust to the baby’s position.

Enhance Connection: Introducing voices and sounds is one of the most profound ways to CONNECT AND BOND WITH YOUR BABY. Utilize the provided audio splitter, allowing you or a loved one to enjoy sounds and music simultaneously with your baby. Play directly from your mobile phone or through our free VOICESHARE mobile app. Cherish every moment with BellyBuds.

Why It’s Needed?

BellyBuds are essential for expectant mothers as they enable safe and intimate bonding with their unborn child by playing music and messages in the womb, fostering early sensory development, and creating lasting memories. These innovative pregnancy companions provide a unique way for families to connect with the new addition, making them a must-have for the third trimester and a perfect gift for mothers-to-be.

How to use Baby Bump Headphones?

  1. Placement: Place the Featherlite speakers anywhere on your baby bump.
  2. Audio Source: Connect your iOS, Android, or standard audio device.
  3. Share the Experience: Use the included audio splitter to listen simultaneously with your baby.
  4. Download VOICESHARE: Download the VOICESHARE mobile app for free content and recordings.
  5. Hydrogel Adhesives: Attach and reattach BellyBuds using the SafeBond hydrogel adhesives.
  6. Compact and Portable: Enjoy music and messages on the go, whether at work, walking, exercising, or relaxing at home.


How does BellyBuds work?

BellyBuds are prenatal belly speakers that allow you to safely play music, sounds, and voices to your baby in the womb. They adhere to your baby bump, creating a direct auditory experience for your growing baby.

Is it safe to use BellyBuds during pregnancy?

BellyBuds are designed to be safe for both the mother and the developing baby. They are specially crafted for prenatal use and adhere gently to the belly.

When can I start using BellyBuds during my pregnancy?

You can start using BellyBuds at any point during your pregnancy, but many mothers begin around the 20-week mark when the baby’s hearing capabilities develop.

Do I need any special equipment to use BellyBuds?

No special equipment is required. BellyBuds are compatible with standard audio devices, such as smartphones and music players, making them easy to integrate into your daily routine.

Are BellyBuds reusable, and how do I clean them?

Yes, BellyBuds are reusable. You can clean them with a damp cloth or mild, unscented soap. They are designed to be durable and withstand repeated use.

Can I listen to sounds and music while my baby hears them through BellyBuds?

BellyBuds have an audio splitter that allows you and your baby to listen simultaneously. It’s a wonderful bonding experience.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care is profoundly committed to providing reliable solutions, such as the BellyBuds Baby Bump Headphones, prioritizing your well-being and comfort throughout this crucial life stage.

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