Menstrual Disc Original – Set of 2 Reusable Period Discs Regular (Small & Large (Pack of 2))

The Original Menstrual Disc Set offers two reusable period discs in a convenient pack of two, including both small and large sizes. These discs provide discreet and comfortable period protection, allowing you to move freely during your menstrual cycle.

Features of Menstrual Disc Original

Size1 Count (Pack of 2)
ColorSmall/Large (Pack of 2)
Item Diameter65 Millimeters

About this Item:

  • Experience Comfort: Carry on with your active daily life without discomfort. Our premium period cups, crafted from soft silicone, ensure comfortable and reusable wear.
  • Stay Leak-Proof: Our meticulously designed discs have undergone rigorous leak testing to guarantee accident-free protection. These feminine hygiene cups offer a reliable, leak-proof shield for up to 12 hours.
  • Top-Notch Materials: We prioritize your well-being, using only safe ingredients. Our small and sizeable menstrual cup set is free from Dioxin, Phthalates, Latex, and BPA, ensuring your safety.
  • Safety and Cleanliness: Our period cup is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, providing an innovative and efficient alternative to standard tampons and pads while maintaining cleanliness.
  • Sustainability Matters: Opt for our eco-friendly menstrual soft discs instead of single-use disposable feminine products. These discs deliver dependable performance and protection for up to 15 years, making them the smart choice for you and the environment.

How to Use Menstrual Disc?

  1. Fold and Insert: Fold the disc in a “U” shape and gently insert it into your vagina.
  2. Position It Right: Ensure it’s behind your pubic bone for a secure fit.
  3. Check Comfort: You shouldn’t feel it when placed correctly.
  4. Easy Removal: Use your finger to hook the front edge and gently pull it out.
  5. Rinse and Reuse: Rinse it with water before reinserting, or use mild soap for cleaning.
  6. Dispose or Store: Follow manufacturer instructions for disposal or store it for reuse if it’s a reusable disc.
  7. Practice Patience: It may take a few tries to get used to it, so don’t worry if it initially feels unfamiliar.

Why it’s needed?

Menstrual discs are essential for comfortable, leak-proof period protection and offer a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable products, ensuring both convenience and cost-effectiveness.


What is included in the set?

The set includes two reusable menstrual discs, one small and one large, providing options for different flow levels.

How do I choose between the small and large discs?

The small disc is typically suitable for lighter flows or individuals with a lower cervix, while the large disc is ideal for heavier flows or those with a higher cervix. Experimentation may help you determine your preference.

How long can I use each disc before emptying it?

The duration between emptying each disc varies depending on your flow. Generally, they can be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying.

Are these discs easy to clean and reuse?

Yes, these discs are designed to be reusable. They can be rinsed with water or cleaned with mild, unscented soap before reinsertion.

Are the materials safe for my health?

Yes, the materials are typically medical-grade silicone, free from harmful chemicals. They are safe for your health and comfort.

Can I wear these discs during intercourse?

While some people may choose to wear them during intercourse, ensuring proper placement for comfort and security is essential. Experimenting and communicating with your partner regarding your comfort levels is advisable.

How do I dispose of these discs when they are no longer usable?

Reusable menstrual discs can last for several years with proper care. When they are no longer suitable for use, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe disposal, as some may be recyclable or require specific disposal methods.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering dependable solutions like the Menstrual Disc, placing your well-being and comfort at the forefront during this crucial life stage.

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