Fetal Stethoscope for Baby’s Heartbeat Detection, Latex-Free Fetoscope

Fetal Stethoscope for Baby’s Heartbeat Detection

The Fetal Stethoscope for Baby is a dependable instrument for expectant parents to monitor their baby’s heartbeat. Featuring a Latex-Free Fetoscope equipped with a Pinard Horn and gentle earbuds, it ensures a comfortable and crystal-clear listening experience. With a length of 22 inches, it adds convenience and user-friendliness to the pregnancy journey.

Features of Fetal Stethoscope for Baby’s Heartbeat Detection

NameFetoscope with Pinard Horn and Soft Earbuds
BrandDixie EMS
Length22 inches
MaterialLatex-free for safety
PurposeDesigned for detecting and monitoring fetal heartbeats
Accurate DetectionProvides clear and accurate fetal heartbeat detection
Pinard HornIncludes a traditional Pinard Horn for listening
Comfortable EarbudsSoft and comfortable earbuds for the user’s ears
Safe for Both Mother and BabyLatex-free design ensures safety for both mother and baby
Easy to UseUser-friendly and straightforward design
22-Inch LengthAdequate length for ease of use and convenience
Compact and PortableEasy to carry and transport
Quality ConstructionDurable build for long-lasting use
Ideal for Healthcare ProfessionalsSuitable for healthcare providers and midwives
Fetal MonitoringEnables regular fetal monitoring during pregnancy

About this Item:

Introducing the FETOSCOPE – Your Trusted Companion for Monitoring Your Baby’s Heartbeat!

1. Discover its Features

  • Our specialized fetal stethoscope boasts a unique cone-shaped bell known as the Pinard horn.
  • It offers added comfort with soft earbuds, a convenient chin or forehead rest, and high-quality lumen tubing.
  • Monitoring your unborn child’s heartbeat has never been this safe and easy.

2. Reassurance at Your Fingertips

  • Stay reassured about your baby’s well-being with regular heartbeat checks right in the comfort of your home.
  • Whether you’re a first-time parent or experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, our fetoscope provides peace of mind.

3. Simple Steps for Usage

  • Create a serene atmosphere for the mother to relax in.
  • Gently position the Pinard horn on the lower belly, adding a slight chin or forehead rest for optimal contact.
  • Apply gentle pressure for a clear auditory path, then count the heartbeats per minute (120-160 bpm).


Is it necessary to have a doctor or another person present when using the Fetal Stethoscope, or can it be used by oneself when alone?

It is not necessary to have a doctor or another person present when using the Fetal Stethoscope. You can use it by yourself when you are alone to monitor your baby’s heartbeat. If you have any concerns or difficulties, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider for guidance and reassurance.

What is a FETOSCOPE, and how does it differ from a regular stethoscope?

A FETOSCOPE is a specialized stethoscope designed for monitoring the fetal heartbeat and well-being during pregnancy. It differs from a regular stethoscope in its unique design, which includes a cone-shaped Pinard horn for enhanced fetal sound detection.

At what stage of pregnancy should I start using a FETOSCOPE?

Fetal heartbeat detection with a FETOSCOPE is typically most accessible after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider for guidance on when to start using it based on your specific pregnancy.

Is using a FETOSCOPE safe for both the mother and the baby?

Yes, using a FETOSCOPE is generally safe for both the mother and the baby. It is a non-invasive and gentle way to monitor the fetal heartbeat. It’s essential to use it correctly and avoid excessive pressure on the abdomen.

Can I use the FETOSCOPE at home, or is it for healthcare professionals only?

The FETOSCOPE is designed for use by both healthcare professionals and expectant parents at home. It offers a convenient way for parents to monitor their baby’s heartbeat between medical appointments.

What should I do if I have difficulty locating the fetal heartbeat with the FETOSCOPE?

If you have difficulty finding the fetal heartbeat, try repositioning the FETOSCOPE on your lower belly, ensuring a quiet and relaxed environment. If you still encounter problems, consult your healthcare provider for guidance and reassurance.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care remains steadfast in its commitment to offering expectant mothers a reliable Fetal Stethoscope for Monitoring their Baby’s Heartbeat. Our unwavering dedication to your well-being and comfort is committed as we accompany you on this crucial journey.

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