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Experience the joy of motherhood with our Robe and Swaddle Set, a perfect match for both moms and babies. This maternity robe and matching baby set adds a touch of comfort and style to your hospital labor and delivery experience.

Features of Robe and Swaddle Set

Brand NameECO BABY
Suitable ForMaternity Robe and Matching Baby Set for Girl, Boy
MaterialMilk Silk
Closure TypeTie closure
Care InstructionsMachine Wash
Ideal UseHospital Labor and Delivery

About this Item:

  1. Complete Set: This Mommy and Me Robe and Swaddle comes with everything you need – a maternity robe, a generous 41×41 inch swaddle blanket, a baby headband or hat, comfy mom socks (shoe sizes 6-11), and it’s beautifully packaged.
  2. Luxury Comfort: Indulge in luxury with ultra-soft, breathable, lightweight, and stretchy fabric. You’ll feel incredibly comfortable and stylish in this robe and swaddle. Plus, it’s easy to care for – simply machine wash with cold water and like colors. A light iron, if needed, is all it takes.
  3. Unique Styling: Designed for moms who prefer not to wear hospital gowns, this matching robe and swaddle ensures you and your baby look stylish and comfortable during your hospital stay. It’s the essential addition to your hospital bag, providing comfort and style for labor, delivery, and beyond.

Why It’s Needed?

This Robe and Swaddle is crucial to any expecting mother’s hospital bag. It provides comfort and style, making the hospital stay and post-delivery period more pleasant for the new mom and her baby.

How to Use Robe and Swaddle Set?

  1. Put on the maternity robe for comfort.
  2. Wrap your baby in the swaddle blanket.
  3. I don’t remember the baby headband or hat.
  4. Slip into the comfy mom socks.
  5. You’re ready for a stylish and cozy hospital stay.


What’s included in the Robe and Swaddle Set?

The set includes:

  • A maternity robe.
  • A matching swaddle blanket for your baby (suitable for girls or boys).
  • Additional accessories like a baby headband or hat.
  • Comfy mom socks.

 Is the maternity robe available in different sizes?

Yes, the maternity robe comes in various sizes, including plus sizes, to ensure a comfortable fit for all new moms.

 How do I care for the Robe and Swaddle?

The set is easy to care for. Simply machine wash it with cold water and similar colors, and if needed, lightly iron it to maintain its pristine appearance.

 Can I use the Robe and Swaddle for activities beyond hospital stay?

Absolutely! This versatile set makes it a perfect choice for daily comfort and style during your post-delivery period.

 Is this set a good baby registry gift?

It’s an excellent choice for a baby registry gift, offering comfort and style for new moms and their babies. It’s a must-have item for hospital labor and delivery essentials.

Conclusion: Lady Well Care is dedicated to delivering reliable offerings such as the Robe and Swaddle, significantly improving your well-being and comfort during this pivotal phase of life.

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